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The first words!

First and foremost, welcome to our new and revamped site;

I sincerely hope you will enjoy your visit. Every week, we will add new products, a lot of them will be limited editions with a very small production and available for a limited time as well.

My new blog ''The Cowboys and Cheerleaders'' will explore the ever changing fetish community from around the world. Taking a close look at what is a bush fire trend to the old guard, to the gender benders and everything in between. I have to admit, I've been wanting to write this blog for a few years.

Of course I will comment on the fetish actuality, events, health and issues, accomplishments and bigotry. My subjects will be mostly from within our own LGBT community and what affects our daily lives.

Once in a while I will share the keyboard with other writers not because they agree with me but because their views are important and should be heard..

My opinions will be mine and mine only, and hopefully they will create a reflexion and a healthy respectful debate, not one that is based on one view only, and a ''My way or the highway'' attitude.

I have more than enough of that attitude that is destroying the main fiber of our community... but do we still have a community or are we just hanging on to a romanticized fantasy, where love and brotherhood/sisterhood are king and queens?

You guessed it, it will be the first subject I will write on ''A community of inner walls''.

I hope you will enjoy my words, published every Sunday morning. Cheers

Ghislain Rousseau.