Leather care

Congrats, you got yourself new gear or you are planning to get some.

I encourage you to take a good look at them, after all you will be very intimate with them, indulge your fetish.

We use only top quality leather at Strokegear and with our workshop OneManArmada, we ensure that every piece is to your liking and satisfaction. Most of our leather is from Argentina, and we only use the vegetable tanning process to dye our leather. Why? because it give a stronger richer depth to the colour. Because it is so much better for your skin (remember you will sweat in it) and for the envoronment and the workers and craftsman who work everyday with the raw skins

Now you have to give back the love to your leather; here’s what to do.

Taking care of business after a party

You have sweat, had a few drink spills or lube was excessive. Trust us, the gear can take a bit of a beating, but important not to stuff it into a plastic bag and forget about it Instead, wipe down your gear with a soft damp cloth and hang to dry. Please, do not fold it on a hanger, but over the back of a chair. Once it’s dry, wipe with some neutral leather conditioner and let it dry for a few. Then you can put it away.


Keep somewhere cool, dry and protected from direct sunlight. Avoid storing your gear in plastic bags. 

Every couple months:

Check up on your gear especially if you aren’t wearing it regularly. If you live somewhere humid, check it more frequently. Wipe clean with a damp very soft cloth, i use an old sock as a mitt. Apply a neutral leather conditioner periodically to maintain oil content in the leather. Don't be cheap with the conditioner but do not over apply either. Don’t use black boot polish on colours on your gear, think of it as your own skin.

Wear your leather, be proud, be love.